This Saturday Night!

Hi knitters and textile fans!

I’m having a show at Shaika this Saturday, April 14th, at 8 pm.  I would love to see everyone there with pointy sticks and string.


Gryphon D’or Tearoom October 7th @ 8 pm!


I’m having a show at the charming Griffon D’or Tearoom this Tuesday! I hope to see you there. It’s gonna be awesome.

Knit Night Tomorrow!


See you there!

Brand New Video!

Hi everybody!

I’ve kind of been AWOl lately, but it’s because I’m so freakin’ busy. But! I do have a new treat.

This is my friend Brian Rose performing his original, ‘I’ve Got You’ from his 2008 album Cats and Mice. And those are my cats!


Happy as a Jay… Leno?

Leno weaving is gorgeous, in case you didn’t know.

That’s Lanaknits’ Hempton, and I luff it. I sort of regret not doing it on a smaller dent reed (I double-checked the sett, and it told me 9, so I used the 10 dent reed, but I think 12 would have been nicer) but still, its coming out pretty okay.

Leno lace is a lot like cabled knitting. You’re weaving the sheds out of order, and because of that, you get that lovely structured effect. I’m experimenting with 1×1 leno and 2×2 broken leno in the pictures above. I’m pretty pleased given that it’s my first leno project.

I’m weaving the ‘body’ of the scarf in plain weave. I like the simplicity of the light green weft against the dark green warp, and I have never really liked the idea of putting too much detail into a scarf. After all, the vast majority of the scarf is going to be scrunched up against your neck. The first and last seven inches or so will be lacey and the rest, plain. Should be quick and simple.


Sorry I’ve Weft You For So Long…

I’ve been busy, I promise.

But for now, check out my apartment!

I mean, check out my apartment as of yesterday. That’s Hempton, by Hemp for Knitting. I’m doing the warp in cyprus and the weft in sage, and I’m very excited about this whole venture.

I’m gonna make an awesome scarf. It’s going to be my first leno lace project, and while I’m a bit nervous, I’m mostly excited. I’ve been trying to hemstitch properly on my past few projects, and I’m thinking about trying something new on this one.

I’m sorry that these photos are clearly out of order, but you know what? I’m firing this off before my inner guilt monster makes me not post because I haven’t posted properly in too long.

Edited to add: Someone found this blog by google image searching: “crazy person a blowtorch”. Can I get a hell yeah?

Shameless Self Promotion

I’m playing tomorrow night at Bar Le Pastel!  Come see me.