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Bean Burgers

I feel poorly for not having written a post in a few days, and some friends at my knit night asked me for a good bean burger recipe, so I think I’ll share the recipe right now, and tomorrow, I’ll show off some actual knitting content. In actual fact, I mostly just worked on a secret project and ripped back about an inch of my vintage neckerchief, so there wouldn’t have been much to talk about regardless.

This is the recipe that my partner developed last year in Venezuela.

You’ll need: 3 cups of cooked (or canned) caraotas (blackbeans)
1 carrot, shredded
1 big onion shredded
half a cup of rolled oats
half a cup of corn flour
a tablespoon of salt, and oil
So, you want to mash all the beans lightly in a big enough bowl. then add the rest of the ingredients and mix it with your hands until you get a dough like consistancy, (you can use more oil if its too dry or more oats if its too wet.) Then, make burger sized patties, (you should get about six with the recipe) and fry or bake them on each side untill golden brown. Enjoy with some fresh tomatoes and toasted bread or buns!

Those burgers were delicious, and a mainstay in our diet back then. On Thursday, I had a craving so deep and so big that I actually could feel the taste of those burgers in my mouth, so I got some groceries and decided to remix the classic.

Instead of carrots, I used sweet potatoes. Instead of corn flour, I used buckwheat. And I added something new; about half a tablespoon of black bean garlic sauce (found at your friendly local Asian dollar store). Other than that, the recipe was exactly the same, and doubly delicious.

We ate a marvelous salad on the side, with some homemade honey, apple cider vinegar, oregano, and olive oil dressing. Nom!


Maxin’ and Relaxin’

The past few days have been a whirlwind of activities and parties and meetings and fun.  In short, I’ve been really busy, and I’m sorry I haven’t been posting as of late.

But!  I did make cupcakes the other day!

Don’t they look super cool?  I tried to make the icing a robin’s egg blue, and made them with mint extract.  I used a Bundt cake recipe to make the cupcake part, and over-baked them a bit.  I’m not the best baker in the world, though, so I was pleased with the result.

I’ve also re-visited my Manos mittens.  I had to rip back the cuff by snipping one stitch about one round from the top of the cuff, pick up all the stitches, and knit down.

The hand of the mitten is in Manos del Uruguay Clasica in Olivewood, and the cuff is Lamb’s Pride Superwash Worsted in Lichen.   The pattern is Bella’s mittens, but reduced in size significantly (I cast on 30 stitches and increased by one in the first round of the hand.)

I used a provisional cast on with waste yarn and knit down the cuff so that the mittens would match, and then slipped the live stitches from the waste yarn onto my needle and started knitting the hand.  I’m almost done the gusset!  I’m really quite pleased with how quickly it’s going, and have been lightly promising myself that I won’t leave my house until the mittens are finished.  It’s too cold!

I broke my breakfast!

This morning, I had the deepest and darkest craving for a hard-boiled egg.  I wanted it to be eggy, and fatty, and salty.  And I wanted to have fun peeling it.  There’s a reason chocolate eggs are so magical.  They were inspired by hard-boiled eggs.

I, however, have a deep-seated fear of getting a steam burn.  I therefore tend to flinch and cower when faced with boiling water, and usually fling whatever I need to boil into the water from at least six inches away.  What can I say?  Steam burns look scary, and don’t heal super quickly.  So that’s what I did to my eggs this morning – and the shells cracked ever so slightly against the bottom of the pot.  I broke my much anticipated breakfast.

The best part of eggy deliciousness is that these eggs were still good!  I don’t know how eggs do it, but they get me every time.

On another note, I cast on for a new sweater last night.  I left too long of an end, so I’m going to express my persnickety nature and re-cast on until it’s perfect.  I’m knitting the Candy Stripe Noro raglan pullover in Mission Falls 136.  My main colour is Charcoal, and I’m going to do the stripes in one colour, Curry.  I love the combination.

I like the gold of the curry and the blue-green-grey of the charcoal.  It’s lovely, and sort of nautical.  And, as someone pointed out at knit night last night, matches colours I usually wear.

The rightmost ball is wound differently because Bazzy decided to show his true colours and rip the hell out of it.  I guess he wanted to be the only soft charcoal coloured thing around!


Is there anything more beautiful and round than an avocado pit?

Avocado pits are so whole and complete, they always fascinate me.  They seem to glow with potential and health.

We ate fresh greens and veggies and dahl with quinoa for dinner tonight.  It was delicious.  There’s something about a good, whole dinner that makes me feel awesome.  And I wanted to share that, along with my obsession with avocado pits.

Last night, we had some beer is these tiny pint glasses that were in our house before we moved in.  To give you a hint of the size, the mouths of the glasses are about 2.5 inches in diameter.

They’re super fun to drink out of.  It makes me feel like a giant; kind of like eating brussels sprouts and pretending that they’re cabbages.

I also finished the sleeves of my baby sweater on two needles.  I love this pattern, I love gull lace, and I love this yarn.  Merino is so delicious, and being able to knit a beautifully soft garment that can be machine washed is a great feeling.

I’ve already knit another two inches on the body, so I’m hoping to bind off tonight in time for a ribbon shopping Sunday.  I would also like to knit a matching pair of booties using Saartje’s Bootees pattern; maybe with some raspberry shaped buttons.  They’re so pretty, and it’d be nice to have a full ensemble – my partner is knitting the baby a hat as well.  This experience has had me thinking a lot about presentation.  The mother is very detail oriented and loves beautiful things, so I’d like to arrange all of this knit wear in a pretty box with pretty tissue paper.  Once she sees the sleeves, I don’t think she’ll care.

Aren’t they lovely?  I also haven’t finished fixing the buttons on my sweater, because again, it wrenches my stomach all the way up into my throat every time I think about it.  Bazzy seems to like it, though.