Old/New Ideas

I’m still chugging away at those socks.  Those Belle Epoque socks are going to be completed this week I (foolishly) swear, come hell or high water.  I just want them out of the way so I can get onto something that I’m excited about.

I’ve finished the gusset and am just knitting onto the foot.  I’ve got 4 inches past the heel flap and I’m planning on knitting about 7.25 inches total until I start decreasing for the toe.  Pet peeve alert:  I kind of loathe that no sock pattern I’ve ever met has the negative ease of the length of the foot listed.  Because of that, I’m a bit concerned about when to start decreasing.  On the one hand (foot?) I don’t want the foot to be too short, and on the other, I hate that extra quarter of an inch that can end up flopping around if I knit for too long.  This is therefore the most trepidacious part of sock knitting.

Knitting on the terrace has been awesome.  I love my apartment because it’s such a typical Montreal apartment;  the terrace is so perfect, and I love sitting in the sunshine.  The weather has been great lately.  Sunshine makes any project more enjoyable.

I’ve been experiencing a bit of a knitting slump as of late; but you know what’s making me more excited about fibre arts is this yarn.  Cascade Eco in brown and orange seems like it’d make the best 70s style zip-up cardigan.  Don’t you think?

I’m super excited about knitting with this yarn!  I’ve seen so many cool things come out of Cascade Eco, and I really like the colours I picked out (with Mollyann’s help, of course.)

I had been waiting for a third skein of the Cascade Ecological wool in brown to come from the company, but I’m relatively pleased about the contrast from the orange to the brown, so I don’t mind mixing it all in.

Ahh.  Orange you glad I took all these pictures?


4 responses to “Old/New Ideas

  1. I think “banana” is the standard response, yes? I was going to say “me lychee” in place of “me likey”, but I don’t use that phrase or eat that fruit.

    But, um, a 70’s cardigan? Huge thumb up on that idea. May the socks be finished quickly and at the proper length so that you can jump on it!

    • I am so pumped about this sweater. Elbow patches will feature prominently!

      I’m really excited about seeing your lace shawl. That yarn looked awesome in the cone.

      • Haha, yes! I love elbow patches.

        Also, thanks! The yarn is so great! I e-mailed the city hall of Rochelle to find out when the factory closed. I bet it’s older than me.

  2. I’m so glad we got to hang out again this Tuesday. I would have been gloomy if I’d decided not to come out in the rain. Sonya really enjoys hanging out in that space with you and Molly Ann. Hope you’ve finished your star stitch gauge swatch (say that ten times fast!) and have officially cast on your sweater. I’m enjoying the Eco Wool. Every once in a while, an interesting fleck of unexpected color will pop up and I’ll say ooooo! that’s a bright bit of green! It’s exciting and sturdy yarn to knit with (not to mention affordable). I’ve added you to my blogroll so that I’ll remember to visit! Please post some of the lovely kitty pictures you talked about today. I’m sure Sonya would love to see more meows. 🙂

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