Business as Usual

I really like knitting socks.  Just in general;  I like knitting socks.  I am not (by nature) a flashy dresser, and socks allow me to wear beautifully intricate hand knit things without feeling like a dog wearing santa claus hat.

The pattern is Belle Epoque (by Melissa Morgan-Oakes) and I elected to knit 1×1 rib for the cuff (instead of the picot edging) because I don’t trust it; 1×1 ribbing is perfectly stretchy.  How can picot edging match it?

I feel like a bit of a muppet admitting this, but I’ve only just realized that there’s a macro setting on my camera.  Isn’t that a gorgeous picture?  I also chose the pattern because it reminded me of the movie The Fighter.

If you disagree, then at least you can content yourself with Bazzy in my guitar bag.  Awwwwwwww…


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