This is a quickie, and I’m sorry.

I just wanted to tell the entire town that my life has gone through some major changes lately, and the weather is changing, and my mind is a bit befuddled and yet all the more clear, so I haven’t been knitting.

I know;  the woman who only doesn’t knit when she’s really bummed out isn’t knitting.  It’s not that I’m sad and it’s not entirely that I’m overwhelmed.  Perhaps I’m bamboozled?  Fiddleydinked?  Straight trippin’, boo?

Too be honest, I’m obsessed with having a Cricket loom, as beardedknitter suggested.  My friend ColetteS has a weaving studio (as Erin reminded me) and I need to pinch some pennies so I can go visit her and get one.

Because damnit, I need a loom to break this slump!


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