I would like you to dance!

It’s Patrick and Bazorov’s birthday today.

They seemed non-plussed.

They’re exactly one year old.  Rather, they are one year and one day old, because it’s 22h24 and they’re sleeping.  We celebrated by playing in the hall of the apartment building, playing with all the favourite toys (including the silver fish plushie – that’s a classic), and extra treats.   I think all the affection and attention has made them suspicious.

I didn’t knit at all today.  In fact, I took all day and sang songs.  I made an extremely classy microphone holder, and have been singing all day.

I made a holder out of cardboard, and notched grooves so the corners of the holder would be more rounded (three long vertical notches that ran the length of the cardboard per corner).  I cut a window for the screen, a window for the buttons, and a hole in the bottom for the power cord.

I’m very pleased with it.  I think I may have to cut a hole for the headphone port, but other than that, it’s excellent.  I picked up a broken red coat rack a long time ago (I was dreaming of a homemade knitting knobby) so I taped the holder to the base.  It’s a surprisingly good solution.

I’m also thinking about where I should host this music.  I have a myspace, but I don’t like the new site, and I think that since I’m recording a second album I may as well invest in a good site.

Any recommendations?


3 responses to “I would like you to dance!

  1. Happy birthday, kitties!

  2. Happy birthday kittehs!! We almost share a birthday 😀

    I went to your myspace and listened to some of the music and I love it 🙂 are they your own compositions or are they traditional songs?

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