Last night, I did a heck of a lot of math.  I whipped out my calculator and actually did some trigonometry to figure out how big I wanted this neckerchief to be.

Ultimately, I want to end up looking like Sharon Stone in The Quick and the Dead, but with less of an urge to kill.


borrowed from

I think she looks great.  I also really like that movie.

I did some math, and some guesstimations, and then I decided that the rounded edge of the original pattern was a good idea.  I plan on knitting on the lace edging, so the rounded edge seems pretty useful in that regard.  I managed to knit enough yardage last night to get back to knitting directly from the ball.

In order to maintain that rounded edge (and to avoid the finished object becoming too long) I cast on 25 stitches.  My gauge being 8.75 stitches to the inch, that ended up being a 3 inch cast on edge – nicely rounded.

I love this yarn (crystal palace panda silk in forest tones).  It ripped out so nicely, and has obliged every k2tog tbl I’ve put it through.  Bamboo and merino blends are lovely that way.  I’m hoping to knit until it’s about 7-8 inches long, and then to knit the lace edging that should be about 2.5 inches wide.

I’ve already knit 4 inches or so.  I may end up knitting more;  I don’t know.  I mostly just want it to make me look badass.



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