A Thousand Suns

This has been a really productive morning.  I feel awesome!  I finished all the things that I wanted to do, and I think I have time for a quick blog post before I go to work.

I’ve knit a few repeats of the lace pattern from the 1800s, and it doesn’t really look much like the engraving, so I did some investigating and discovered that the people on ravelry who had knit the neckerchief actually knit a different lace pattern for the main part.  That, to me, entirely negates the romance of knitting a pattern this old, but this simple eyelet pattern isn’t really making me fall in love – not that I was completely in love with the engraving either.  I’m going to take it to Ariadne today for input, but if I have to sub in a different lace pattern, I’ll probably pick something different altogether.  Or something.  I am interested in why the pattern calls for me to slip a stitch and then do a yarn over, though – it’s resulting in a very dense fabric.

The cats gave me a hand printing off the rough draft of my sweater pattern this morning.  I’m kind of proud of it, and yet, I’m anticipating one hundred thousand corrections.  In order to correct my anxiety, I’m listening to this:

I absolutely adore Hey Rosetta!, and I love this song.  I’ve seen them live twice, and each time they’ve played this song, and the whole audience held each other while they sang.  Not in a creepy way!  Just in a “we’re collectively recognizing our humanity” sort of way.  I hope you like it.


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