Right now, I only have one project on needles.  One!  I can’t believe it.  And because I’m continually slipping it off of needles onto waste yarn to check the sizing, it’s not exactly a mindless knit.  Bazzy is horrified at my lack of productivity.

Doesn’t he look concerned?  My fingers are itching, and I’m scared of actually finishing my sweater up.  That means that I need to plunk my posterior down and pick out something to knit.  I think it may end up being a snood or cowl, but I’m not 100% sure.  There’s also a neckerchief pattern I want to try, and oh, don’t I need more socks?  Oh gosh!

Regardless, I’ve been doing some back shaping on my current sweater.

I placed stitch markers (also known as “green paperclips”) to divvy up one half of the sweater into thirds.  Then, I started to decrease as follows:

Round 1: K until 3 stitches before 1st marker, ssk, k1, sm, k1, k2tog, k until 3 stitches before 1st marker, ssk, k1, sm, k2tog, k until the end of round.

Rounds 2 & 3: Knit.

I’ve repeated those rounds six times, leaving me with 24 stitches decreased.  My gauge is 24 stitches/4 inches, so I’m hoping it’ll lead to a nicely shaped back.  I’m planning on slipping everything onto waste yarn so I can determine how long I should knit before I start increasing again.

I’m pretty excited about customizing this sweater and making it awesome.  My cats are on the lookout for my next project, though.


One response to “Slog

  1. Loving the colors! As for future projects, I say go for the snood. Ever since your comment on my cowl rant, I’ve been a bit obsessed with them. (I actually had to look it up, not knowing what “snood” was.)

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