Don’t be fooled by the socks that I’ve got…

…I’m still a knitter that likes to block.

But that doesn’t mean that I’m not going to show you the rainbow herringbone socks that I bound off yesterday.  The newly completed sock hasn’t been subjected to the rigorous stretching and fondling that its older sister has, so it looks much thinner.

The heathered black is a good yarn whose ball band was lost years ago, but the bright rainbow sock yarn is Zitron Trekking (XXL) in 1001.  It’s a great yarn – I liked knitting with it a lot.  This is actually the second pair of socks I’ve attempted using the same ball of yarn.  The XXL in its name is apt.

The pattern was improvised by yours truly.  Knit from the toe-up with a standard houndstooth pattern, they’re pretty and soft.  I took no heed of trying to make them match.  Fraternal socks are much more delicious (in my humble opinion).

Next time, I will use another kind of heel.  While I am generally more than satisfied with these socks, I’m unimpressed by how tight the heels are.  I know that blocking will rectify the problem (after all, I’ve knit basically this pattern before) but I want to wear them now with no problems, and if the socks were my invention, shouldn’t they comply to my every need, whim, or desire?

A secret part of me is thinking that it’s not the heel’s fault.  After all, I do have EE width size US 5 feet.  Do most hobbits use short row shaping on their heels?

I like them lots.  I’m extra pleased that I’ve managed to make a pair of socks for, y’know, myself.  I think I’m allied with most sock knitters when I say that someday I’d love to have enough handknit socks to replace all the crummy machine knit ones I got from the grocery store.  At this point, I only have three pairs for myself.

But, until I cast on for the next pair, I’ll have to block these.  Not tonight, though;  I’m hoping to have a dinner party tonight, and I can’t just leave my socks hanging around.  I feel that’s poor etiquette.  Patrick is already waiting by the window.


One response to “Don’t be fooled by the socks that I’ve got…

  1. OMG OMG OMG OMG LOVE THOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Squeeee!!!!

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