I’m still chugging along on my striped raglan pullover.  It’s coming along nicely;  I really like how the colourways (charcoal and curry) go together.  My friend said that they reminded her of streaks of mineral deposits in shale, so I’m calling this blog post striae in her honour.

I’ve been having some troubles with a single ply in this batch of Mission Falls 136 being too loosely spun or not properly dyed.  I’ve been rectifying it by pulling out the extra merino and twisting the yarn until it sort of looks normal.  I’m hoping that, as Mollyann from Ariadne said, it’ll just make the sweater look more handmade.

I apologize for the velvety ear in the picture.  Sometimes, curiosity just gets the better of my cats.

I measured and estimated and knit, and slipped all the stitches onto scrap yarn not once but twice to make sure the yoke fits reasonably well.  The boundary with which I am currently dealing with is, erm, well, my bust line.  It is (as the kids used to say) busting my groove – see what I did there?  As is true of the bustier ladies, the widest part of my chest is lower than my armpit, so I’m going to have to figure out some way to subtly increase so as to accommodate my, ahem, Bat signal… if you’re picking up what I’m putting down.

I’ll detail my solution on ravelry and here on this blog.  I’m sure it’ll be brilliant.


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