I broke my breakfast!

This morning, I had the deepest and darkest craving for a hard-boiled egg.  I wanted it to be eggy, and fatty, and salty.  And I wanted to have fun peeling it.  There’s a reason chocolate eggs are so magical.  They were inspired by hard-boiled eggs.

I, however, have a deep-seated fear of getting a steam burn.  I therefore tend to flinch and cower when faced with boiling water, and usually fling whatever I need to boil into the water from at least six inches away.  What can I say?  Steam burns look scary, and don’t heal super quickly.  So that’s what I did to my eggs this morning – and the shells cracked ever so slightly against the bottom of the pot.  I broke my much anticipated breakfast.

The best part of eggy deliciousness is that these eggs were still good!  I don’t know how eggs do it, but they get me every time.

On another note, I cast on for a new sweater last night.  I left too long of an end, so I’m going to express my persnickety nature and re-cast on until it’s perfect.  I’m knitting the Candy Stripe Noro raglan pullover in Mission Falls 136.  My main colour is Charcoal, and I’m going to do the stripes in one colour, Curry.  I love the combination.

I like the gold of the curry and the blue-green-grey of the charcoal.  It’s lovely, and sort of nautical.  And, as someone pointed out at knit night last night, matches colours I usually wear.

The rightmost ball is wound differently because Bazzy decided to show his true colours and rip the hell out of it.  I guess he wanted to be the only soft charcoal coloured thing around!


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