You Gotta Have Friends

It’s winter up here in Montreal, and it’s cold and bleak.  There’s no getting around it; there is snow on the ground.  I’m not the type of person that usually suffers from seasonal depression, but this winter, I’m a bit down in the dumps.

You see, usually, I’m in school.  Usually, I have an unreasonable amount of after school activities, and usually I have a huge plethora of friends.  When you can deposit so much of your energy into many different people and different things, you can sort of keep yourself afloat by spinning.  I’m a really high energy enthusiastic kind of person.  I need a lot to keep me going.

As of late, though, I haven’t been doing that much.  Sure, I’ve had commitments and it’s rare that I go more than two or three days without having to go somewhere or see someone, but it’s not the same as needing an agenda to keep my schedule clear or having multiple meetings in the same day.  My inbox isn’t flooded with invitations.  I’m also going through a transition period; friendship wise.  I think it’s a good change and a needed one, but it’s still hard and I’m unclear on exactly what the next step is going to bring.

But yesterday, I got to spend time with an old and dear friend.  We had pie and tea, and chatted, and it was restorative.  I was reminded of what aspects of my personality lay smitten to my bones, and it was so valuable.  Then I went home and spent time with my partner.  I told him that I was feeling down, and in what ways, and he reminded me that my accomplishments are still accomplishments, and that patience is needed when experiencing big changes.  He helped me think of some clear goals that I can shoot for to make my life more of what I want it to be.

Yesterday was the kind of day that reminds you why life is worth living;  community and other people.  There are so many wonderful aspects of the people around me, and they keep reminding me of how awesome it is to be around them.  I feel like I’m just this endless feedback loop, but that my loop gets longer and longer every time I learn something new; meaning that life gets either more or less redundant as time goes on.

In other news, I turned two heels yesterday.

I want to have the feet done for Thursday (knit night) so I can cast on another sweater with impunity.  I want to make the candy-striped raglan pullover only without any candy striping – that is, I want to make the sweater with one colour in the striping.  After all, it wouldn’t be me if it weren’t a bit boring, right?

Now, how am I going to train my cats to stop photobombing my knitting?

And I’m going to add a gratuitous sock picture.  Why?  Because I liked the composition, that’s why!


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