Is there anything more beautiful and round than an avocado pit?

Avocado pits are so whole and complete, they always fascinate me.  They seem to glow with potential and health.

We ate fresh greens and veggies and dahl with quinoa for dinner tonight.  It was delicious.  There’s something about a good, whole dinner that makes me feel awesome.  And I wanted to share that, along with my obsession with avocado pits.

Last night, we had some beer is these tiny pint glasses that were in our house before we moved in.  To give you a hint of the size, the mouths of the glasses are about 2.5 inches in diameter.

They’re super fun to drink out of.  It makes me feel like a giant; kind of like eating brussels sprouts and pretending that they’re cabbages.

I also finished the sleeves of my baby sweater on two needles.  I love this pattern, I love gull lace, and I love this yarn.  Merino is so delicious, and being able to knit a beautifully soft garment that can be machine washed is a great feeling.

I’ve already knit another two inches on the body, so I’m hoping to bind off tonight in time for a ribbon shopping Sunday.  I would also like to knit a matching pair of booties using Saartje’s Bootees pattern; maybe with some raspberry shaped buttons.  They’re so pretty, and it’d be nice to have a full ensemble – my partner is knitting the baby a hat as well.  This experience has had me thinking a lot about presentation.  The mother is very detail oriented and loves beautiful things, so I’d like to arrange all of this knit wear in a pretty box with pretty tissue paper.  Once she sees the sleeves, I don’t think she’ll care.

Aren’t they lovely?  I also haven’t finished fixing the buttons on my sweater, because again, it wrenches my stomach all the way up into my throat every time I think about it.  Bazzy seems to like it, though.


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