Daily Archives: January 4, 2011


I was so sad yesterday when I was nearly done my sweater that I dove headfirst into a pair of mittens.  Bella’s mittens, to be specific.  I’m not one for following patterns – so this was unusual for me – but I figured I’d try.  After all, it’s an incredibly popular pattern, and I had some delicious Manos Clasica in a rich colourway that I wanted to use.

Four hours later, I had this:


That said, I made a bunch of changes for my peculiar and particular hands.  I cast on 30 stitches (not 43) and used a 8 stitch cable (not 12).  I made the cuff 2 inches long and only started the cable pattern on the hand of the mitten.  I increased the gusset on every round for 5 rounds and then kept knitting with the gusset stitches on my needle for another 5 rounds.  I did that so that the gusset would jut out more – I have funny thumbs.

I really like how they look and feel.  I don’t love knitting with the thick and thin yarn, but I absolutely adore how it knits up.  It really shows off the colour way, Olivewood.  And it stretches so beautifully into the 1×1 rib!

I’m scared I won’t have enough yarn for the second mitten, but I weighed them today (the ball and the mitten) and it seems like it may work.

Is anyone else sick?  I feel so gross.  You know you’re sick when your nose transforms itself into a faucet and your friends tell you that you ‘look like crap’ – although I do appreciate the candor.

Hasta mañana everyone!  I hope my body fights this off soon.