Separation Anxiety

Tomorrow, I’m getting some buttons from Ariadne.  I’ve finished one button band and am picking up stitches for the other.  I am so sad!  I cast on for this sweater on November 25th, and I don’t know how I’ll survive without it.  39 days of pure sweater knitting bliss… I think I’m going to end up casting on for a new sweater pretty much as soon as possible.

But, for now, I’m mollifying myself with some mittens.  I’m knitting Bella’s Mittens in Manos del Uruguay’s Clasica, colourway Olivewood.  This is a beautiful single ply handspun kettle dyed 100% wool yarn.  I’m pretty excited to be working with it.  My tiny hands are foiling me again, though;  I knit the cuff and it was way too big.  So I’ve cast on 10 stitches fewer to see if this will still work.  If not… well, let’s not think about that now, okay?

And I’m including this because I think it’s basically the best picture ever despite the lack of artistry.  Look!  They think they’re people!


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