Hard Yokes

I finished the yoke!  I did!  Last night.  I even did all the ribbing and bound off.  See?  I did it, all by myself.

I love this step in the process.  You see, I’ve already gone through and sewn in all the ends and tidied up different parts of my knitting.  I’ve knit too many things to want to have to sew in everything after the fact.  It’s much more satisfying to have a sweater when you’re done knitting it.

This of course means that I’m starting the button bands tonight.  Ariadne isn’t open until Tuesday, so I’ll have to wait to get the actual buttons, but I can get the button bands done up until I have to make the button holes!  Oh, golly.  This is exciting.

I’ve come down with a cold, and am therefore grumbling and moaning to myself.  Doing a simple button band shouldn’t tax my poor aching head too much.

Button bands have more importance than what I’m attributing them, though.  It’s important to make sure that you get a good balance of picked up stitches  – you don’t want to pick up too few (and buckle the fabric) or too many (and have a floppy button band).  You want the button bands to be firm, and wide enough for the buttons themselves to not deform the fabric.  It’s a delicate balance.

I’ll see if I can strike it right with the help of my supervisor, Bazorov.


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