And it’s the holidays…

and I’m terrible at keeping this blog updated when I’m busy, apparently.  I’m sorry!

Last night was knit night, and it was awesome.  I drank far too much (but it was Christmas eve eve, after all) and managed to go from  a sweater body with separate sleeves to having everything on one needle.  I felt super cool.

Here’s the before shot:

And the after shot:

I took  advantage of the ball winder at Ariadne to tidy up my ball remnants.  I also took advantage of the appreciative audience – holding up a garment that you’ve made significant progress on at a knit night is so much fun.   There are oohs and aahs and it’s so cool to have the magnitude of your skill applauded.  Knit nights to me are like the scene where you have to clap to save Tinkerbell in Peter  Pan.  They keep me alive and believing.

I’m amazed at how this colourway (Lichen) completely changes in different light.  It’s really more of a silvery green colour in daylight, but what my camera captures is a totally different story.  But that seems to be what I’m attracted to – lovely, complex, heathered yarns that aren’t too bossy.  Ariadne got in some Cascade 200 Heathers, and I’m really excited about trying some out soon.  The colours are gorgeous!

I’m going to try to finish this sweater by January 1st.  Can I do it?  I hope so!  It’ll take a lot of determination and just sitting down to work on the darn thing.


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