Slick as a school boy’s…

Okay, that’s a gross blog post title – but heck, it made you think of sleeves, right?

I know I sure have to spend more time thinking about these sleeves.  There are so many distractions that are keeping me from knitting on my sweater.  I love the pattern and it’s super easy to keep track of, but somehow it’s slipping through the cracks.  I’m going to try to knit at least two more inches today and see where that gets me.  They’re two thirds done already, but I want them completely done by Tuesday.  Likely to happen?

At first glance, I would say, “I think not”.  But, with that said, I do knit rather quickly and I only (realistically) have about 3 hours of good, steady knitting until the damn things are done.  I could be underestimating myself, but if I can knit, oh, 126 inches square in about 2 hours then I can do 168 inches square in 3, right?  Or something thereabouts.

I love that Lamb’s Pride.  It’s hard to describe why I love such neutral colours and simple yarns, but the best reason is because of the stitch definition.  It’s hard to find a yarn that will retain that clarity and show off your work in the long term.  Variegated yarns will come and go, but a beautiful worsted weight in a neutral colour will pretty much always look great.

I’m sorry about my long absence from the blog.  I have a visitor chez nous and have had a super stressful few weeks past.  Things are starting to look up in the new year, though.  And I have some friends to get me through.


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