Two at a Time

Last Thursday, at knit night, FaerieCrafty showed me how to knit sleeves two at a time using the magic loop method.  My jaw was on the floor, ladies and gents.  It’s spectacular!

I hate snow and all things cold and wet, but I do love how the houses across the street look like gingerbread and icing.  Here’s another shot for good measure.

I just can’t believe that there are two sleeves being knit at the same time on the same needles. Same time!  Same needles!  I just – this is going to make my life better.  And I feel like I can maybe even get most of these sleeves done within a week or so.

I have a somewhat arbitrary deadline in the back of my head for this sweater.  And, of course, if I don’t reach it I feel as though I’ll get super upset – which makes no sense because there’s no need to get it done by any date ever.  I do have a bunch of other designs floating around in the back of my head, though, and I (rather pathologically) only buy yarn for specific projects.

A lot of knitters talk about their mythological stashes.  I have about a box worth of yarn, give or take.  The box is small, and it mostly holds skeins with which I have no idea what to knit.  It’s hard, when you have all this yarn that you didn’t choose but that you know is beautiful but you just… have no idea how to implement the beauty.

As for right now, I have to concentrate on knitting about 21 inches of pure knitted sleeve awesomeness in about a week.  I don’t know if I can do it, but I’m already 3 1/2 inches in so that’s a start, right?

Two sleeves!


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