Did I mention that my heat was turned on?  It’s awesome!  My house is much warmer than the -6°C (21.2°F) that says it is outside.  Kudos to my ancient radiators.

But because the heat is on, the air in my apartment is much more dry.  We have a humidifier for the bedroom at night, but we don’t leave it on during the day.

In colder climates, experiencing higher degrees of static electricity during the winter months is common.  Newer radiators compensate for the lack of humidity in the air, but we live in a deliciously old apartment and can’t expect such modernity.

Human skin (when dry), synthetic fabrics, and cat fur are all really good at collecting electricity.  Static electricity is really just kinetic energy that’s stored on the surface on an object; so, me tossing and turning under my synthetic blankets with my dry skin is basically just magic waiting to happen.  And then (of course!) Patrick Purrswayze hops up on the bed and demands cuddles.

Honestly folks, I’ve never seen anything so pretty in my life.  When I pet my cats at night and everything’s all still and dark and perfect, and then I run my hand down Patrick’s back, the static electric shocks just sparkle and glow.  The cats purr more deeply, and the light reflected on their fur is so beautiful.

And in knitting news – I’ve knit 15 glorious inches of pure sweater awesomeness.  I’m going to knit about another inch, do the armhole shaping, and do some math because I want this edition to have long sleeves.  No pictures because I don’t feel like it.  But here are my kittens!


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