I’m having major issues concentrating today.

Every night, I do the same thing.  I lay in bed and berate myself for not doing all the things that I had intended to do, and forget that knitting is actually my job – and therefore, that knitting is not procrastinating.  I plan a relatively mundane list of things to do for the next day, and then, I avoid doing said things.  Sometimes it’s going to the grocery store and sometimes it’s making phone calls, but always, I don’t do whatever the things are.

Right now, I have to go get a shower and wash my hair.  Then I have to go get some bloodwork done.  I need to go to the grocery store and get some olive oil.  I need to knit some more so I can get to the next stage of my project and I need to do laundry.  But I don’t want to.  I will, but I don’t want to.

So here goes.  I’m going to hop in the shower, go to clinic and the grocery store, and go home.  But I won’t enjoy one second of it!  Damn.  I want to eat cookies and take a nap.

Now here’s a picture of my sweater.  11 inches down, 4 to go, and then the sleeves.  Huzzah!

And actually, here’s my ball.  I’m on my second ball of Lamb’s Pride Worsted Superwash, and I love how it’s crumbling in on itself.  It makes me feel like I’m getting somewhere, you know?

As a final note, my cats have met a compromise on the shoe box situation.


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