As Promised

I’m trying to solve the mystery of the extra stitch today.  For some reason (and without any clear evidence of migration) a stitch has moved from a stockinette panel in my sweater to my cabling pattern.  I know that during the first cable pattern repeat I had the right number of stitches, so, at some point during the past few inches the switch happened.  I am a grump-a-saurus, and need to do some counting.

I am mighty pleased, though.  I’ve knit about seven inches since Wednesday afternoon on a piece of fabric that’s about 42 inches long.  Isn’t that amazing?  There is now a piece of fabric that’s almost 300 inches square, and that’s all my doing.

I absolutely love the Lamb’s Pride Superwash as well.  The cables are so crisp and clean-looking, and I love the sheen of the yarn in the sunlight.  It has that perfect heathered look that I love, and the colour variation in the yarn is so clean and clear.  Don’t you see those lovely blues and purples and yellows in the yarn?  Gorgeous.

It’s a pretty stretch of knitting, isn’t it?  Well, there you go.  As promised, beautiful pictures of my soon-to-be sweater.

It’s cool, too, how quickly this is knitting up compared to the first attempt.  I know that I spent a good week sketching out the cable pattern and another week just trying to figure out what kind of stitch pattern would fit the back best, but heck – getting so far ahead in the first week of knitting feels awesome.

Now here are my kittens!


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