The Jig is Up

That’s right, Bazzy has been collared.  And by that I mean, we have found my cat’s collar in our closet and Bazorov has been properly wearing his collar like a sweet little domestic gentleman.

It snowed!  There’s snow everywhere, and I am positively kicking myself for not buying boots earlier.  Procrastination is no good, ladies and gentlemen.

It’s frostier than Mr. Frosty’s house during a frosty spell in Frostland.

I’ve been knitting away on my sweater, but you know, one full repeat of the cable pattern requires about 26 rows of pure unadulterated knitting concentration and my sweater has four panels of cabling magic, so it takes a while.  I promise I’ll take some snazzy pictures tomorrow, but until then, you will have to content yourselves with what will become my glorious sweater.

Even the kittens are getting involved.  Or maybe they’re just being nosy.

Or maybe they’re just enjoying the radiators.


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