The Project is Finished! Long Live the Project!

I finished Greg’s mittens on Wednesday, and boy did I feel clever.

Now I just have to find Greg so I can give them to him.  I hope he likes them.  Someone at knit night last night tried them on and said that they may be too small, but my partner has been trying them on all week and says they’re cozy.  I hope they fit okay.  Personally, I despise mittens that are too big. I hope I’ve struck upon a happy medium.

I love the swirly tops against the striping pattern, and I love how soft and solid the finished fabric is.  I will definitely be getting more Ultra Wool by Estelle.

I think there’s enough left to make up a little pair of mittens for me.  I have little hands, after all.

The weather is absolutely abysmal today.  Police were telling people not to drive over certain sections of Sherbrooke because of the black ice.  I can’t believe it – winter has come again.

But in brighter news, my Lamb’s Pride Worsted Superwash in Lichen showed up at Ariadne on Wednesday!  It’s a 100% superwash wool.  I have eight balls of pure magic that will someday become the test knit of the cabled sweater I designed back in September.  I’m pretty excited about it.  I’ve already had to whip out a calculator to help me figure out my extensive notes, but that resolved the mystery of the two missing stitches that has bothered me for months.

I’ve knit about two and a half inches already; considering the amount of math I’ve done (and the width of the fabric), that’s pretty good.

I’m trying really hard not to twist my purl stitches.  When I started purling, I learned what is called a ‘half purl’ or a purl through the back loop.  Then I was shown the proper way to purl, but by the time I got home, I had decided that the proper way of purling took too much yarn and since then I’ve wrapped the yarn around the needle in the opposite direction.  This resulted in twisted purl stitches which made my stockinette stitch look all funny.  When I purl properly, the purls are still much more tight than the knits, but it does look a lot more uniform.  I’m also hoping that it will result in fewer rows per inch when knitting on the flat.

I’m pretty enthused about this new project which, when you think about it, is rather odd.  I just finished knitting those mittens, after all.  What is it about knitting that’s so addictive?  I think it’s also the need for knitwear that keeps me going.

Also, delicious yarn.  Now, it’s time for a nap.


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