Bag of Infinite Mystery

I have this bag.  It’s green, it’s small, and I carry it with me everywhere.  I usually have at least one knitting project in it along with needles and waste yarn and stitch markers and scissors and various notebooks and, well, everything that you need to survive (including snacks!)

My cats are therefore obsessed.  They sleep on it whenever it’s off of my back, and Bazzy chewed off one of the zipper pulls when he was a kitten.  Remember my Kitties in Cases post?  They sitting in or on most cases, but they love my bag most of all.

The bag is perfect for kittens who like to sleep.  I highly recommend a backpack for making kittens perplexed.

In other news, I got around to changing the strings on my guitar.  They’re so new, it’s intimidating.  I used to have excellent rainbow strings that we got in Venezuela.

Now they’re boring and bronze, but they sound much sharper and more clear.  I get frustrated when I can’t hear my guitar because it reminds me of one time I was busking in the Halifax market.  An older man came up to me, gave me twenty dollars, and lectured me for about 10 minutes on playing with dull strings and professionalism.

There’s an old myth that you should name your instrument or it’s bad luck to play it.  My beautiful guitar is named after Tarzan’s lovely gal, Jane Grey.  Ain’t she gorgeous?

She’s very nearly as pretty (and sometimes prettier) than my kittens.


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