Weather Event

This morning, I woke up to the sounds of rustling in the kitchen.  I thought that was odd, so I dragged my weary self out of bed to investigate.  Bazorov had instigated a wrestling match with the garbage bin.  The garbage bag liberated itself and one handle had Bazzy in a hold that I can only attempt to describe – he had one paw and his head through the bag’s handle and was confused as to the bag kept following him around.  Patrick was frantic for his brother’s safety (and was also scared of the rustling sound).  I rescued him, and there was much rejoicing.  (Mrow!)

But who can sleep after such a dramatic moment?  Not I.  So I got up and sat in front of the window and chatted on the phone with my mother.  The sky was a very pretty peachy golden colour, so I decided to take some pictures of my mitten that I finished last night.

I know you can’t really see it from that picture, but doesn’t it make the blue and the green in the mitten just pop?  I also like how it’s obvious that I accidentally dropped about four stitches.

I decided to take another picture of the mitten, just on the table because of the colour contrast.  I really like taking pictures of my knitting, if that’s not obvious.  It’s so cool how you can take a functional piece of art and turn it into a graphical one.  Did I just invent a word?

I did a swirly top on the mittens, and I love it.  I had intended to follow a pattern for these mittens, but heck.  I ended up improvising regardless.  I don’t like the idea of grafting the tops of mittens together, and I didn’t love the ribbing, or gusset placement, or, well, much of anything, despite the pattern being basically really good.  I have loads of respect for a good, clear free pattern.  Yesterday, though, I was at Ariadne, and some people said that they liked the striping pattern, so I think I’ll put this mitten up on the “Patterns” page soon.

While I was taking pictures, the sky darkened dramatically.  It was stark – from a peach pink to a lavender grey in seconds.  The wind!  And then?  The rain.

Sheets of rain, at about a 45 degree angle to the ground.  I watched a woman walking down the street pull out her umbrella and battle the wind.  And then?  The snow!

Here’s a shot of the garden in front of the building.  It snowed for about four minutes (just to toy with my girlish heart) and then stopped.  The sky brightened, the wind slowed, and now there’s a bright blue sky and absolute golden sunlight.  The weather!

An aside:  I’ve always hated the expression “weather event”.  The weather is so big and so deep and so tall (to paraphrase the great Dr. Seuss) that it’s continuously happening.  How can it be an event if it’s always happening?  Technically, if you can point at a specific instance of weather, you could split it infinitely into a multitude of instantaneous events to the point of silliness and I just can’t bear silliness when it comes to science.  But this morning?  That’s what I would call an event, and it was free to see.


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