Oh no! If we only had a scarf!

I was reading the Knitty blog, and they linked to this marvel:  Arthur Unravels.  It’s all about knitting, and learning how to knit.  Of course, Arthur learns how to knit ridiculously quickly (mittens in the first day?) and the way the knitting is drawn makes no sense whatsoever, but hey! (hey!) what a wonderful way to show kids that knitting is for everybody.

Do you remember when I said I woke up on the wrong side of the bed?  Well, actually,  that was the start of a somewhat dramatic illness.  I almost fainted at work yesterday and I’ve been running to the washroom fairly regularly.

Sometimes I look at my body and I marvel at how strong it is for its size and all that it does for me.  Look at me!  I can reach a shelf, or carry a box, or run to the bus and I feel great.  I can knit for 5 hours and not feel tired, and then bench press my cats for a while without flinching.  I can touch my toes and catch myself before falling, and sometimes I even can curl up into a ball and sleep for however long I want.

But then I get sick.

And everything just stops – I’m achy and breaky and I want to stay in bed and watch bad internet reality TV.  I want someone else to do all the things I usually do without complaint and I want an ice cream IV.

And then (sometimes, not always) something spectacular happens.  Something that makes life worth living.  And now, that thing is a thrummed mitten.

It’s for the store, but gosh, now I want to knit a pair.  And I want the top to be red and the main colours to be soft and sandy, and I want them.   Right now, I’m using Cascade 220 as the main yarn, and Louet’s Northern Lights 100% wool top in Icy Winter for the thrums.  The pattern is here.

Isn’t it just absolutely delicious?  Now I’m going to see about drinking some coffee and eating some food.  I hate being sick.


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