Woke Up on the Wrong Side of the Bed

This morning, my head was full with some sort of grumbling bear.  It rustled and growled and rolled around, and scraped the inside of my frontal lobes with its huge beastly claws.  In short, I have a mild head cold.

I rolled out of bed (with much cajolement from my cats) and immediately set myself up with my drop spindle and my Bluefaced Leicester top and decided to continue spinning.  I had started some last night, and wanted to see if I could fit more yarn on the spindle than I had previously.

Step two was coffee.  Life without coffee is a shallow thing that I can’t think about while this bear is still in my head.

I sat, and spun, and read, and spun, and after about 4 hours, this is what I had.

I started wrapping yarn around my hand in an Andean bracelet.  Video tutorial is here.  (By the way, I really like theartofmegan tutorials.  She’s very articulate and knows what she’s doing.)

The long and short of it is to wrap the yarn around your hand so that, when removed from the fingers and slid down to the wrist, you can ply your newly spun yarn against itself.

Then I wrapped the yarn around my forearm like I was winding cable – I’m tough like that.  Grabbing both of the ends of the resultant loop and twisting gave me the skein before me today.

And that is my fourth attempt at spinning and plying yarn.  It’s gorgeous!  And it looks like real yarn.

My cats, though, seem unimpressed.


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