Sock it to Me

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood!  I went for a walk today and got my kittens some new toys.

I don’t know if you can tell, but the top mouse is green.  I also got them a little grey mouse on a string with a bell that hangs from a claw that hooks on the bedroom door frame.  It’s the perfect combination of furriness and bounciness that our cats love.

I think it’s sweet and the cats enjoy it.  I love autumn, and I love how different root vegetables are filling up the grocery stores.  I also love this picture of my kitchen counter.

There’s something about cookies in an old hummus container that makes me smile.  And that pumpkin is going to become a delicious pumpkin pie. Yum!

Knit night is tomorrow, and I don’t really know what to bring.  I’ve been trudging along with some socks that I improvised for a while now;  every time I pick them up seriously, I just get excited about something else and they end up on the mantel, waiting for some attention.  I’m hoping to get them done before the yarn shows up for my new sweater.

I also really want some undyed Cascade Eco wool for a cardigan with a shawl neck.  Something with a beautifully simple stitch pattern that will show off the sheepy wooliness and elbow patches.  Now the temperature is getting so chilly, I just want to wrap myself up in yards and yards of yarn.

I’m trying to be as grown up as I can be and hold back from buying all of the yarn at Ariadne.  There’s a spinning class this Sunday, and I’m so excited!  I’m finally going to be a part of making the yarn that I work with so much – and I feel like I’m going to learn an exciting secret from my best friend, if you know what I mean.  We got some candy for this Sunday as well, just in case there are trick-or-treaters.  This weekend is going to be awesome.


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