Come into my office.

Have you ever waded through your hard drive and try to cut the stuff you don’t need?

I’m the type of person who really has no problem giving things away to charity or even just throwing stuff out.  I figure that what goes around, comes around, and if I really need a skein of yarn or book then I can get something equivalent that may be better.  And you never know the impact the stuff you’re giving away may have.

I just really like to share, and I don’t like having a lot of stuff around that I’m not using.  You know what I’m saying.  Having limited space for what I have helps with this.

But oh, I’m completely the opposite when it comes to digital storage.  What if I need that 500th identical picture of my cats?  What if I end up needing to use that free knitting pattern?  That movie was okay, but what if I want to watch a relatively not good movie some night?

Digital information takes up no physical space in my apartment, so it’s hard for me to conceptualize.  Once you realize that you only have about a tenth of the storage you originally had on a computer, though, you start deleting… and deleting.

I just deleted 131 files, and I feel a bit awkward!  What if I need those files!  Oh gosh!

But then all I have to do is remember that the world wide web has a lot of space on it, and that if I really want to watch some crummy movie, I can find something to watch.  Or if I really need that knitting .pdf, I can look it up on ravelry.

I have to go – it looks like my cats are trying to plan a trip!


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