Yesterday was a delicious sort of bright fall apple day.  Wonderful and crisp and cold with a tang in the air that just doesn’t exist in any other season.

The main source of light in my apartment faces the west, so we’ve been getting really good evening/afternoon light in that great seasonal yellow.  I’ve taken a lot of amateur photos.  I received a digital camera as a gift last year, and I’m trying to use the hell out of it.  Why not?

This is a snippet of what I’m working on.

beautiful light

Yum.  Oh, bamboo shiny, and oh.

hempwol cardi

I love it.

hempwol in sicilian olive

#220 Hempwol.  It’s a lovely yarn that warms to the fingers and makes the most crisp cables I’ve been in a while.  It’s a 65%/35% wool/hemp blend.  My only complaint is that the hemp bristles off a bit in its own hempy way and can lead to my clumsy hands splitting the hemp from the wool, but such is tweedy yarn.  A slight untwist/retwist strategy has aided in this complaint, but I don’t love that I have to mess with it.

I’m pretty enthused that I’ve been able to design my own cable pattern for this sweater.  I’m pleased with it – I wanted a cable pattern that isn’t totally mirrored, and it shows in the finished project.  I tried to do a slipped stitch diamond pattern on the back, but that didn’t show properly.  I’ve been working with yarns with a higher twist and more colour consistency as of late and didn’t think that the tweed would hide the pattern.  Replacing the diamonds with a texturized stitch pattern and more cables has made the sweater much more professional looking.  I’m relatively pleased with myself.

Onwards and upwards to the sleeves!  I’m about an inch onto them, and I’m excited but nervous.  No one wants to rip back this far into a sweater.

I got the most awesome gift yesterday – $100 USD!

It's all about the Benjamins!

No, I’m just kidding.  It was a chocolate bar with a hazelnut filling, and it only cost $1.00.  But it was a lovely and thoughtful gift, and made for a most excellent snack.

What else did I want to share with you?  Perhaps a quiet moment of contemplation.

Bazorov and his Nemesis

This light is great.


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