Red Sky at Night

Last night, the sky was this absolute lavender that I attempted (and subsequently failed) to capture with my camera.

red sky at night

It was much more of a sweet blue-purple than what’s represented in the picture.  The sky is definitely red in the snap,  but then again, cameras show a different angle than what I can see with my own eyes, and it’s been drizzly and grey and cold all day.

sailors take flight

As I look at the nighttime photo, I recall the saying, ‘red sky at morning, sailors take warning; red sky at night, sailors’ delight’.

I’m from the easternmost tip of North America and I recall that saying having this bizarre effect on me;  primarily because it’s an inconsistent saying.  I think it’s because the saying originates in western Europe, and it’s dependent on how sunlight refracts.  In western Europe, most inclement weather comes in from the Atlantic Ocean, from the west of landmass whereas inclement weather in eastern Canada is usually ferried up the eastern coast of the United States from the Caribbean by ocean currents.  That means that fronts would approach the two land masses from two completely opposite directions and as the sun (obviously) rises in the east and sets in the west, it would make sense that the saying be reversed for the different geography.  Doesn’t it?

I hear by propose that those of us to the east of the Atlantic switch it up: ‘Red sky at dawn, sailors rock on;  red sky at night, sailors take flight.’  Maybe?  Okay, my substitute doesn’t have the same ring.  Although, sometimes I like imagining sailors as more neurotic than all that:  ‘Red sky at morning, sailors’ forewarning; red sky at night, sailors take flight.’

In the meantime, my socks are still damp from this mornings’ excursion.


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