Crocheted Moccasins

Hello world –

Here I am, with a brand new pair of cushy moccasins on my feet.  I’m an expert crocheter by no means, but I figured I’d practice with Umme Yusuf’s pattern on ravelry.   I altered the pattern by picking up and knitting an insole with Paton’s Shetland Chunky yarn (a 75/25% acrylic/wool blend) and stuffing it with cotton balls.  I picked up and knit the picked up stitches as I went along so that I wouldn’t have to seam the insole.  To compensate for the height of the insole (which I picked up from the first round of crocheted sides of the slipper) I ended up having to crochet an extra round on the back half, after sewing on the top flap.  Except for the insole, the moccasins are crocheted with 100% handspun wool.  I also crocheted a yellow detail over top to add personality.

In April, I moved into an awesome sublet apartment.  For seriously, I love my place.  But, one perk that doesn’t typically come from subletting was a big box of handspun yarn.  I live in an area of Montreal that was once Little Italy, and apparently, a relic of that era tried her hand at spinning yarn with 100% wool and dying it.  That woman was a hero.  She passed, and left her yarn to her family – none of whom knit with it.  They gave the yarn to a friend, who gave it to her daughter, and now I’m the lucky recipient.  It’s incredible, how you can see the taste and style of a woman now buried through something in which she had poured so much care and attention. And the learning curve!  From thick and thin to smooth 1 plys to professional looking 2 plys – well done!  The box had mostly greens, oranges, and yellows.  I’ve lightly committed myself to producing fibre art with this handspun until I’ve made a good dent in the pile.  I don’t like having a huge stash of yarn – what’s the point of letting yarn sit around, after all – so I’m enjoying this gift to the fullest.

These moccasins are comfy and cozy.  I learned a lot through crocheting them, and you can see that in the time it took me to make them.  I started them on September 23, 2010, and finished them last night, and I have to admit that the first one took three days to complete while the second one only took one day.

I love that I have cozy cushioned moccasins, and I love that my feet will no longer ache with cold.  I have crummy circulation – for some reason, my feet and hands always ache if it’s under around 10 degrees Centigrade.

I took lots of pictures!  The green is more of a true green than a blue green and the yellow is very gold – the moccasins look very bookish.


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